Designs limited only by your imagination...
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42 Amberley Crescent, Dandenong South VIC 3175

Factory 1 800 GRN BLK (1 800 476 255)

Mobile 0429 339 122

Beautiful Elegant
Modern Designs

Many of our customers own walls that are not possible in block. We at Greenblock love original designs and also have a design service with 3D modeling on offer. We can incorporate recessed design features or street letttering, grooves, cut outs, protrusions and together with some of the fixtures below make for stand out designer fences. Greenblock can accomodate gates, water features, lights, intercoms, stone, letterboxes, gate house roofs, screen inserts etc. The sky is the limit regarding fixtures.

Superior Durability and Safety

Greenblock can handle the same impact that a concrete block wall can. Unlike most concreate walls, Greenblock walls won't crack even in the most reactive soils, handle over 500KG more load than a block wall in a retaining wall situation, will never suffer from efflorecsence, and will never crack even on the corners if installed correctly. In the event of severe mechanical damage (i.e. catastrophic weather storm) Greenblock walls will not kill someone with falling concrete as there are no blocks to knock loose or fibre cement to delaminate.

Minimal On site
Time and Cost

Greenblock panels are pre-manufactured in the factory and lightweight, greatly reducing onsite construction time. Most  walls only take on average one day to install, and are ready for coating/painting the next day. Greenblock has been the choice of many consumers when traditional wall cannot meet modern design needs and/or without obvious compromises in aesthetics and cost.

Peacefully Private and Relaxing

Superior accoustic values reaching a weighted sound index of, RW 58 ctr 6. To put that into perspective houses on main roads require RW 35 usually and hospitals require RW 44, our rating is massive and makes a considerable difference due to the sheer thickness of the panels. Greenblock walls are constructed 200mm thick are seamless when finished and have no cavity at all, nothing else comes close.