The Greenblock system is protected under patent law. Patent Pending

An option to suit any situation

Greenblock has evolved to incorporate four systems that can offer solutions in almost any situation a rendered wall is needed. Greenblock has been the choice of many consumers when other systems cannot be performed or without obvious compromises in aesthetics or without great expense. All four systems replicate the aesthetics of a traditional block wall. 

These four systems can offer the most durable innovative solutions seen to date that will not be beaten by the many and varied situations around Australia. The Greenblock systems outlined below have a patent pending status and are pre engineered for your convenience.

A brief overview of these systems are listed below:

Greenblock Original

Our original system is of solid construction with duragal steel chemically welded in the core at intervals and running the entire height of the panels. Installation involves a shallow strip footing and is suitable for a varied range of sites. The standard panel sizes are 200mm thick, 2500mm long and are available in several different heights. These panels can be joined seamlessly and are fully adaptable to site variations. Custom sizes are also available.


Greenblock Retaining Panels

These panels are constructed of an EPS insitu formwork with a corrugated void in the centre. This system requires a strip footing and upon installation steel deformed bar is inserted at intervals in the void and then it is corefilled with concrete.Under testing conditions, this Greenblock retaining system handled 500kg more of direct load than what is required from a concrete block wall. It uses 1/3 of the amount of concrete compared to block, therefore creating savings of both time and cost. The standard panel sizes are 2500mm long and 200mm thick. It can retain up to 1200mm and the height can be extended to variuos nonretaining heights.

Greenblock Post Hole System

This lightweight system is constructed with a concealed perimeter aluminum frame. It is great for sites with difficult access. They are also a great choice for sites with drainage problems. The standard panels are 2500mm long, 200mm thick and 1800 high with the aluminium extending out the bottom on each end to form posts.  Installation simply involves tilting the panels up into post holes and concreting in place. Our patent pending in house procedure gives  excellent strength whilst radically reducing weight. Un-rendered, these panels weigh an average of 30kg for a standard size panel.
We can also offer custom sizes if required.

Greenblock Selective Corefill

As the name suggests, these panels are selectively corefilled with concrete and encompass a lightweight structural void. Great as a repacement for failed block /brick walls as the selective corefill system can be stood on top of existing footings.

Greenblock Coating System

A modern innovative fencing system such as Greenblock requires a modern innovative coating system.
After testing all major brands of pre-bagged and acrylic renders, Greenblock in conjuction with the market leaders in modern coatings, Rockcote, have developed a coating system for our products. It excells in durability whilst remaining cost effecetive and easy to apply. This coating system is one of the major contributors to Greenblocks superior performance.

To view a short clip of one of our durability tests click below