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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed here please feel free to send us an email via the contact page and we'll get back to you with the answer.

How much does a Greenblock wall cost?

There are many variiables when it comes to answering this one - 1.Which of our four systems is most suited to your site. 2. Would you like the supply of the panels only or right through to us arranging the panels, the installation, render and paint. 3.Are you wanting to incorporate designer features or just after a standard solid wall.

If you would like to discuss your specifics and get more of an idea of pricing simply email us an enquiry  with your details or give us a call.

Who can install my Greenblock wall?

We can arrange installation for you or recommend an installer in your area. Our walls can also be installed by your own builder, landscaper or fencing contractor.  Alternatively if you are a compitent DIYer you may like to install it yourself.

Can I fix a gate to my Greenblock wall?

Yes you can. In fact you can attach gates, aluminium screens, lights, intercoms letterboxes. With our custom panels we can even make provisions for specialty items such as water features.

How high can my Greenblock wall be?

Greenblock is pre-engineered to comply with most common local council regulations. Customers should check their local council requirements. We have found that 2000mm is the maximum height for a non retaining and 1000mm for a retaining wall that many councils allow without special approval. However we have supplied many projects that have been engineered in isolation to cater for heights that exceed these heights.

What material is Greenblock made of?

Depending on which of our systems you choose, some of the materials that make up Greenblock are M grade EPS, steel, aluminium and polyurethane. Greenblock comprises of M Grade  EPS which is recognised as a construction grade EPS and is the only grade compatible with cement render. The EPS in Greenblock makes up only part of the system, with system being the operative word. M grade EPS used in isolation would not be suitable . Greenblock walls have 3mm duragal steel chemically welded in at 400mm intervals that extend the entire height of the panel or are corefilled with concrete and N12 steel or have a perimeter aluminium frame. The system is then coated with a highly modified cement render system and then finished with a membrane paint making the system very strong and durable. The EPS is only part of the system but is very important and actually increases impact resistance and rigidity.

Do Greenblock walls have a warranty?

Yes.  Greenblock walls have a 7 year warranty against manufacturing defects and system breakdown when installed and coated to the Greenblock specifications. We can warrant against efflorecence and cracking simply because it's not possible given the selection of materials.

How long does the process take?

Greenblock panels are manufactured in a factory environment so that they are ready for installation when they arrive on site. The time taken for manufacture will depend on whether you need standard or custom made panels. 
On average a 20 lineal metre fence can be installed in a day.
The render coating system involves another 2 days depending on the design and allow another 2 part days for the painting. 

Can we leave our neighbours side uncoated?

In short no, for the longevity of your fence it should not be left partially uncoated. EPS should not be exposed to UV for any longer than 30 days without removal of oxidisation with a hose and broom. There are cost effective options to seal your neigbours side if required.

Are there any special requirements for Greenblock?

The only special requirement Greenblock has is that all fixtures need to be thought of prior to manfacturing. Although it is possible to retero fit fixing points, it is alot easier during the manufacturing process.

Do Greenblock walls help with noise reduction?

Absolutely. Greenblock walls are contructed 200mm thick, are seamless when finished and have no cavity at all. This provides superior accoustic values.

Other examples of EPS uses in construction

Waffle pods are common with modern house construction
Geofoam is a similar type of EPS to Greenblock. Geofoam is common with the civil industry
EPS used as pre stressed voids for bridges. These pylons are used on the eastern busway in Brisbane.
Surfboards are now being made out fo EPS and are a very demanding application for EPS as a system.
EPS cladding is widley popular as a walling system. EPS cladding is commonly 60mm thick. Greenblock is 200mm thick.